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Article Date: 23rd September 2013

Emerson Network Power Playbook Offers Six Strategies to Manage IT Growth

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Emerson Playbook

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today released a CIO Playbook focused on helping IT executive management choose data center growth strategies that best meet capacity and financial requirements. The new Playbook offers timely planning insight for the many enterprises aiming to soon build a new data center or lease space from a co-location / managed hosting facility. It also presents options for organizations looking for other ways to expand.

“Market demands for mobile, digital video and other feature-rich, data-intensive IT applications are focusing minds on managing compute capacity, space, power and cooling to support demand – availability is a concern,” said Franco Costa, vice president and general manager, AC Power Business for Emerson Network Power in EMEA. “But the pressure to keep costs down remains a top priority for many businesses. There are viable options to support growth, while optimizing existing infrastructure. Of course, there will be times when building new will make the most sense to a business – but the most successful growth cases emerge from companies who have carefully considered all of the options available to them.”

The Playbook, “How Do You Plan to Grow?” begins by examining six growth strategies:

  • Optimize existing infrastructure
  • Retrofit existing infrastructure
  • Outsource
  • Deploy an integrated modular room(s)
  • Get creative
  • Build a new data center

For each option, the Playbook describes “how to do it” and “what you get” in terms of benefits. For example, an integrated, modular room is simply deployed outside the existing facility, or remotely, to handle overflow. What you get includes the most efficient technologies preconfigured and ready to go, and rapid deployment ability.

According to the Playbook, a thorough evaluation of existing critical infrastructure is required to determine which strategy to choose and to evaluate return on investment for the different options. It then discusses two effective methods for mining that information: a professional data center assessment and using data center infrastructure management (DCIM) technology.

The Playbook also notes that paths to growth can have advantages and disadvantages based on an organization’s needs. It then concludes by providing a decision checklist for CIOs and other IT leaders to use to ensure the growth str ategy they select is effective.

“How Do You Plan to Grow?” is available at www.EmersonNetworkPower.eu/CIO-topics. A Critical Advantage Webcast on the topic will be hosted in October. For more information about the webcast, visit www.EmersonNetworkPower.eu/webcasts. For more information about products and solutions from Emerson Network Power please use the email option below:

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