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Article Date: 30th October 2013

Schueco - New Brochure Sets out Security Systems Offering from Schueco Jansen

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Schueco Brochure

The latest publication from Schueco Jansen, Europe’s leading specialist in the design and supply of steel windows, doors and façades, is a new 32-page brochure containing details of the company’s comprehensive security offering which includes a sliding-door system never before available in the UK.

The term ‘security’ covers not only burglar- and bullet-resistant systems but, in particular, Schueco Jansen’s wide range of fire-resistant products delivering both E and EI protection. In addition to façades, windows and internal single- and double-doors, the latter includes unlatched fire doors and emergency exit doors as well as Jansen’s new introduction, the innovative Janisol 2 automatic sliding door with EI30 fire resistance, which also offers an optional emergency exit function.

The brochure begins with an overview of fire test criteria and the European system of classifications. These are followed by descriptions of the relevant systems contained within the company’s VISS, Jansen-Economy, Jansen-Economy RS, Janisol 2 and Janisol C4 ranges. Easy-to-read tables show the maximum sizes and types of glass that may be used, together with the different classes of fire resistance that can be achieved.

The classification system for burglar- and bullet-resistant systems is also clearly explained and the brochure shows the different Schueco Jansen systems (Janisol, Jansen-Economy, Janisol Primo and VISS TV and VISS TVS) that have been certified to the various standards required. These include burglar-resistant windows, doors and façades that meet level RC3 of EN 1627 and bullet-resistant versions tested successfully in accordance with EN 1522 and 1523.

One feature common to all Schueco Jansen steel security systems is that their appearance closely matches that of the company’s regular systems. They can therefore be incorporated unobtrusively into any building, meaning that architects are not obliged to make an unwelcome choice between aesthetics and security.

For further information about the Schueco Jansen Steel Security Systems brochure or to request a PDF download, please email below:

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