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Article Date: 7th October 2013

PMA UK - Ty-Rap® is the Cable Tie for the Rail Industry

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PMA Cable Tie

Did you know that cable ties – those fantastically simple, cheap and effective devices – were first invented by Thomas & Betts in 1958?

And now, with cable ties being used on everything from toy packaging (which we all know is impenetrable!) to signage, fencing and on heavy industrial sites, the original brand, Ty-Rap®, is still evolving and conquering new markets.

The idea of the cable tie first came about whilst T&B employee Maurus C. Logan was touring a Boeing aircraft manufacturing facility in 1956. Aircraft wiring was a complicated thing involving thousands of metres of wire arranged on huge sheets of plywood and secured with knotted nylon cord coated in wax. This was before the era of Health & Safety, so each knot was pulled tight by wrapping the cord around the operator’s finger which would cause lacerations which often led to ‘hamburger hands’ where engineers would develop thick calluses after years of performing this task. Unsurprisingly, Logan was determined to find a better way around the management of cables. And so, Ty-Rap® was born!

Originally manufactured for use in the aviation sector, Ty-Rap® used a metal tooth, but it won’t surprise our customers to know that the product was soon made entirely from nylon, which is known for its strength, resilience and affordability.

Now, 55 years on from the release of the original design, Thomas & Betts offers over 500 types of Ty-Rap® and Catamount® cable ties, including many designed specifically for use in the rail industry.

Ty-Rap® premium cable ties feature a great many benefits, including:

  • The “Grip of Steel” Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel locking Barb – marine grade type 316
  • UV-resistant and flame retardant Ty-Rap® cable ties are certified to the latest standard for the train industry
  • Tested according to the NFF 16-101 and EN 45545-2 standards
  • Complete range of Ty-Rap® cable ties in different dimensions up to a tensile strength of 540N

Ideal for the secure management of cables, Ty-Rap® also has rounded edges to prevent damage to cables and a smooth, notchless body, making the cable ties stronger and more effective. In addition, the product’s ribbed and stippled surface prevents the tie from slipping under conditions where vibrations may be felt, making it ideal for trackside applications.

For more information on any of the T&B product ranges for rail applications, please use the email option below:

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