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Article Date: 2nd October 2013

PMA UK - New Product Offers Colour Coded Problem Solving

Cable Protection - Cable Conduit - Cable Management - Flexible Conduit

PMA Conduit

Our systems have been developed to protect wires and cabling in automation and  robotic applications where demands include continuous movement, temperature fluctuations and the need for uncompromising protective qualities.

The latest product from PMA has been developed with all these factors in mind and more. Designed for ease of installation, durability as well as a host of other benefits, the XR90 is the latest stage of evolution with this revolutionary triple-layer medium-duty conduit.
What makes the XR90 so extraordinary? This conduit features a unique wear indicator specially produced for robotics and automation applications. With the cable’s interior coated in red and yellow layers, where excessive wear occurs, the yellow (warning) layer rubs away revealing the red layer which signifies that the wear limit has been reached. The outer black polyamide tubing of the system remains resistant to abrasion and UV, still protective of inner cabling whilst providing a visual indication that maintenance is required.

This unique product will save considerable time when it comes to checking the structure of cabling systems, as well as knowing which part needs replacing if damage should occur.
Manufactured from specially formulated polyamide 12, the XR90 offers a range of additional qualities, including:

  • Excellent flexibility
  • Chafing, abrasion and fatigue resistance
  • Proven torsion, elongation and pull-out strength
  • Excellent resistance to continuous bending
  • Minimal risk of abrupt conduit failure due to high tear propagation resistance
  • Functioning up to 150°C (short term, usual temp range from 40°C up to 95°C)
  • Protection of moving parts – during reversed bending and multi-axial movements
For more information on PMA’s range of cable protection systems, please use the email option below:

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