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Article Date: 30th October 2013

Gilberts - Modern Diffuser Developments

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Gilberts Diffuser

The swirl type of air diffuser is ever in vogue and now appears in a wide variety of design styles and profiles. In an increasingly style conscious age, and one of ever-increasing choices, a new design always seems fitting particularly when it embodies the latest design technology to both lower cost to customers whilst matching the unit to popular demand.

The result of nearly 12 months of research and development, Gilberts has now launched a new range of barrel type swirl diffuser. Benefiting from the latest in engineering design, Series GB provides a new added dimension to our popular and effective swirl diffuser theme. Complimenting Gilberts existing swirl diffuser range the new GB series has been introduced to provide a wider range of architectural and design style swirl diffuser options which combine appealing aesthetics with cost effective alternative design.

Primarily the diffuser offers a fixed size square fascia designed to fit both plaster ceilings and standard 500 or 600mm sq ceiling grids. A choice of three different “List Size” radial blade pattern configurations provide for a wide range of different air volume selections. Each model provides a high performance swirl air distribution effect which allows them to deliver high volumes of air into the conditioned space taking advantage of its rapid entrainment and mixing capabilities.

Manufactured entirely in the UK Series GB is also complemented by a comprehensive range of purpose built plenum boxes. Plenum to diffuser connection is quickly and easily accomplished using concealed bracket fixings accessible through the diffuser face. For volume control, standard screwdriver operated opposed blade dampers can be fitted to the back of the diffuser or, alternatively, the plenum inlet can be fitted with Quadrant, or Iris type dampers. Where adjustment via the face is preferred, both Cord and Teleflex operated spigot dampers can be installed.

Gilberts (Blackpool) Ltd is one of the leading British air terminal device manufacturers, a multi-product company, also specialising in Natural Ventilation.

The new GB brochure is now available direct from Gilberts Head Office or via Area Representatives.

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