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Article Date: 17th October 2013

Frenger - Product Update for Eco-Healthcare™ by Frenger

Chilled Beams - Heat Exchangers - Electric Heating - Radiant Panels

Frenger Eco-Beam

Frenger have a wealth of experience in providing heating and cooling solutions for hospital applications dating back to the early 1930’s. Frenger have supplied several hundred hospital projects world wide.

Eco – Healthcare is one of Frenger’s latest range of high performance Chilled Beams. Energy efficiency has been a key driver for such advancements in Frenger’s Chilled Beam Technology.

Eco – Healthcare is 227mm deep as standard and can be increased to 267mm deep for higher air volumes. Eco- Healthcare can achieve 1016 watts per meter total cooling (based on 10Δtk and 25ltrs/sec/m for a beam supplied at 16°C with a 100Pa).

The Eco – Healthcare beam contains a number of Frenger’s Patent pending performance enhancing features and as can be expected from the Frenger brand, the Eco – Healthcare beam is also designed to be easily tailored to suit the unique parameters of individual project sites, for the optimum product / system efficiencies.

Frenger’s heat exchanger batteries are also fitted with extruded aluminium profiles to not only enhance performance but also provide a continuous clip on facility for the underplates. This arrangement keeps the underplates true and flat for long lengths, even up to 3.6m.

Eco – Healthcare is constructed from zinc coated mild steel for its outer casing rather than extruded aluminium which is utilised for Frenger’s other products.

The air chamber for the Eco – Healthcare is the largest in Frenger’s product range and can accommodate up to 90ltrs / sec with its 160mm diameter single ait inlet connection point.

Eco – Healthcare beams all have a “closed back”, thus meaning that all induced air (recirculated room air) is induced through the underplate within the room space to avoid any need for perimeter flash gaps and / or openings in the ceiling system. This also provides for a better quality of recirculated air as the recirculate air does not mix with any air from the ceiling void. This induction ratio of Eco – Healthcare is typically 5 times that of the supply air (fresh air) rate.

  • Drop down heat exchange battery for easy cleaning to all four sides of the heat exchanger.
  • High output “1016 w/m”.
  • Can accommodate up to 90 ltrs / sec.
  • Discharge veins are concealed within the beam for improved aesthetics.
  • Operates well at “Low Pressure” and “Low Air Volume” for increased energy efficiencies.
  • Multiple manifold variants to enable reduced chilled (and LTHW, if applicable) water mass flow rates to be facilitated for increased energy efficiencies.
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