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Article Date: 21st October 2013

Frenger - Product Update for Compact™ by Frenger

Chilled Beams - Compact Beams - Electric Heating - Radiant Panels

Frenger Chilled Beam

Compact™ is one of Frenger’s new range of high performance Chilled Beams. Energy efficiency has been a key driver for such advancements in Frenger’s Chilled Beam Technology.

Compact™ is only 133mm deep and can achieve up to 1092 watts per meter total cooling (based on 10Δtk and 26 ltrs/sec/m for a 1.8m long beam, supplied at 16°C with a 100pa).

The Compact beam contains a number of Frenger’s Patent pending performance enhancing features and as can be expected from the Frenger brand, the Compact beam is designed to be easily tailored to suit the unique parameters of individual project sites, for the optimum product / system efficiencies. This is partly achieved by Frenger’s “burst nozzle” arrangement that not only encourages induction, but also reduces noise. Given the size and amount of burst nozzles being appropriately quantified for each project, this provides consistent jet velocities, equal distribution of the air discharge and continuous induction through the heat exchanger (battery). There are no dead spots due to plugging back nozzles from a standard pitch or having to adjust the pressure in the system to suit the amount of open standard nozzle sizes as associated with many competitors’ active beams as dead spots and / or reduced jet velocities decrease their cooling capacities / efficiencies.

Compact beams all have a “closed back”, this means that all induced air (recirculated room air) is induced through the underplate within the room space to avoid any need for perimeter flash gaps and / or openings in the ceiling system. This also provides for a better quality of recirculated air as the recirculated air does not mix with any air from the ceiling void. The induction ratio of Compact is typically 5 times that of the supply air (fresh air) rate.

  • Shallow Depth (only 133mm).
  • High output “1092 w/m”.
  • Fan shape distribution for increased occupancy comfort.

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