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Article Date: 23rd October 2013

Fläkt Woods Launches the Ultimate All-Rounder

Climate Control - Air Climate - Air Handling - Ventilation Systems

Flakt Cooler

Leading manufacturer of air climate technology Fläkt Woods has launched the next generation of integrated heating and cooling units: Recooler HP.

Designed to be an integral component for Fläkt Woods’ air handling units (AHUs), the new Recooler HP cleverly incorporates a reversible heat pump and a recovery wheel to provide a number of key benefits, including: quick and simple installation, extremely high efficiencies and all year round energy recovery.

Utilising a DC inverter scroll compressor, the Recooler HP can achieve a COP up to 6.5, as well as full control of output from 10% to 100%. This allows the Recooler HP to deliver the exact temperature required and maintain occupants’ comfort levels more effectively than traditional fixed speed systems. Plus, the inverter drive allows the unit to work at part load, ensuring the perfect balance between reliability and efficient heating and cooling.

A standout feature of the Recooler HP is the level of energy recovery attainable from the integral recovery wheel. This maximises energy recovery with efficiencies over 83%. Plus, with the capability to recover energy in winter mode, less humid air will be exhausted from the unit. It will also operate at lower temperatures and consequently require less defrosting.

The Recooler HP is designed to seamlessly integrate with an AHU, allowing installation to occur on site without the need for groundwork or any other preparation. The ‘all in one’ compact design also ensures there is no requirement for additional chillers, boilers or to install any pipework, as the unit is ready to operate once the electrical connections have been made. Noise and energy consumption is further reduced without the need for an outdoor condenser fan.

To further improve levels of efficiency, the new Recooler HP is supplied with a sophisticated adaptive control unit, loaded with tailor-made software that has been developed to maintain the ideal operating map. This manages two expansion valves for full control of cooling and heating modes, as well as refrigerant charge. In addition, the control unit incorporates electronic transducers for temperature and pressure to maximise reliability and efficiency.

Recooler HP is available in five sizes (008, 011, 018, 023, 032) with nominal cooling capacities (rotor and compressor) from 35kW to 125kW and nominal heating capacity (rotor and compressor) from 21kW to 57kW.

An extended range with sizes 041-072 is currently in development, which is set to achieve cooling capacities up to 175kW.

Fläkt Woods develops, manufactures and distributes ventilation and air climate products, as well as system solutions for commercial and industrial applications. For more information on the complete range of fans and other ventilation products from Fläkt Woods please email below:

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