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Article Date: 14th October 2013

Cembrit's Solution for Ridge Ventilation

Slate Roofing - Ridge Tiles - Ridge Ventilation - Cement Slates

Cembrit Vent Ridge

Cembrit’s new Continuous Vent Ridge is a practical and aesthetically pleasing fibre cement product, ridge capping solution for pitched roofs. The Continuous Vent Ridge has many advantages over more commonly used ridge cappings. At 3.24 Kg, it is half the weight per linear metre of a concrete or clay ridge covering. Being lightweight, the product is easy to transport and can be carried up to the roof top with ease. At 525mm length it is possible to carry 2 linear metres of ridge covering at a time.

“Our Continuous Vent Ridge is a new product that fills a gap in the market,” says Ged Ferris, Marketing Manager of Cembrit. “It is available in blue/black, the most popular fibre cement slate colour, and comes four different angles, 22.5° - 45° to allow a neat and tidy finish on the most common roof pitches.”

Cembrit’s Continuous Vent Ridge is simple to install as it is dry fixed with four self drilling screws. In contrast, clay and concrete ridges require on site wet mortaring, which is not only messy, but takes longer and tends not to last long term. Such ridges are usually used with a roll of corrugated material which is fiddly to install and whose long term efficiency has been questioned. This often results in necessary maintenance further down the line. Furthermore, dust suppression equipment is required when cutting these heavier ridges but the Continuous Vent Ridge can be cut with hand tools.

Adhering to roof ventilation provisions is just as important as the design and construction aspects. The BS 5250, Control of Condensation in Buildings Amendment 1, sets out the requirements for the need for roof space ventilation in both warm and cold pitches roofs. Cembrit’s Continuous Vent Ridge has the free air capacity of 5880 mm² which more than exceeds the requirements of BS 5250.

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