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Article Date: 29th November 2013

SPC Release their First BIM Objects

Trench Heaters - Panel Heating - Radiant Heating - Heating Coils


S&P Coil Products Ltd (SPC) have launched their first Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects.

The objects are for the high quality MINIB range of trench heaters, with all the various configurations and specifications included in the objects.

BIM is a rich 3D experience that enables architects and designers to plan and design buildings using digital simulations, rehearsing all the stages of the design and build process before construction starts.

The BIM model can be shared between the various parties involved in the build which streamlines the process, increasing efficiency, saving money and reducing risks. For example, a mechanical engineer is able to use information sourced from the architect to prepare energy calculations.

BIM objects can be used at the modelling stage to determine the right specifications of components, the sizes required and, when it comes to such things as heating, the heat outputs best suited to the project.

The SPC MINIB heaters are available in the broadest range of sizes and are included in a type catalogue which has been created to help the user select the exact size and model they need.

A range of options are offered within the BIM objects and once they have been loaded into a project the user can make selections based on size, heat output and fan speed. There is also a facility to configure the objects for the trench heaters where cooling capabilities are required.

The MINIB trench heaters are constructed from stainless steel troughs complete with a 10 year warranty and made to offer many years of trouble-free, highly-efficient operation. The BIM objects enable the type and style of the grille can be chosen along with the colour and the material.

SPC’s MINIB BIM objects also offer functionality that is simply not available on competitors’ BIM objects. Users can select a model, change the length which shows the correct heat output, but more importantly, the user can change the air & water temperatures which will show the correct heat output based on the changed conditions.

Fan convectors are the next product to be designed by SPC as BIM Objects and should be available in the coming weeks, please check back for more updates.

More detailed information and specifications can be found on the SPC website www.spcoils.co.uk/BIM and on the BimStore website.

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