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Article Date: 6th November 2013

Schneider Electric - Lenzing AG chooses Schneider Electric’s Altivar Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive

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Schneider Speed Drive

Schneider Electric has supplied Lenzing AG, a fibre manufacturing company, with a powerful new medium voltage variable speed drive (VSD) to help control motor speeds, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Lenzing AG is an Austrian manufacturing company that produces cellulosic fibres. The new drive was installed in the Grimsby UK factory, where the cellulose fibre Lyocell, widely known under the brand name Tencel is produced. These fibres are used in fabrics, including clothing, as well as conveyor belts, speciality papers and medical dressings. The fibres are made from wood pulp and are obtained by an organic solvent spinning process. Solvents are evaporated before the fibres are spun under high pressure.

A variable speed drive is used to control the speed of the agitator inside the evaporator vessel – a continuous process which runs 24/7. Lenzing AG looked to Schneider Electric to replace an obsolete VSD. After an initial consultation process, the company selected the Altivar 1000 VSD (3.3KV, 2000kW) to replace the old drive, due to its high performance and compact design.

The Altivar 1000 was initially chosen thanks to its compatibility with the existing supply transformer; Schneider Electric was the only company that could provide a 12 pulse solution, meaning that Lenzing AG could use their existing transformer, with no additional cost requirement.

Another advantage of using Schneider Electric’s medium voltage VSD was its compact size; it could be installed in the plant room without having to remove the existing equipment, meaning minimal disruption in terms of production.

Paul Simmonds, part of the Grimsby Engineering Team responsible for the installation of the drive said: “We were really pleased with the pre-sales support we received from Schneider Electric. There was a major risk involved in connecting the drive to an older motor, which could have damaged the motor if the product wasn’t correctly specified. We were given detailed information about the drive, and were comfortable that we had selected the right product for our needs.”

Phil Rymer, Schneider Electric commented: “The initial consultation process helped us offer Lenzing Grimsby the most suitable product for their needs. The Altivar 1000 is extremely powerful and the diagnostics have proven very useful for the company, monitoring any faults with useful drives parameters. We ensured that the whole installation went smoothly, from the commercial order and logistics to the commissioning of the drive.”

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