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Article Date: 27th November 2013

PMA Weaves into the Hybrid Market

Cable Protection - Cable Management - Flexible Conduit - Electrical Conduit

PMA Cable

For designers and specifiers in the rail, ship or machine building industries, you’ll be aware of the importance of the screening braid required to encase parts of your cable protection system. As always, PMA works hard on the evolution and continuous improvement of our products, and the latest newcomer to join the market is the F.HY, a hybrid shielding braid which provides complete protection against electromagnetic interferences.

Manufactured from the finest tin-plated copper wires mixed with polyester monofilament, this new braiding is flexible, strong and incredibly lightweight. The F.HY braid is also compatible with the PMA EMC-system fittings, which are made of nickel plated aluminium or brass and guarantee excellent clamping of the braid and good contact with the conduit system.

This latest innovation features great many improvements on the fragile F.CK tinned copper braid, which means it’s less likely to be damaged in transport or during installation.

Designed for use prominently in the ship building and railway construction industries, the F.HY braid offers typical screening values of 45 to 67 dB. What’s more, it doesn’t fray, and provides excellent vibration and abrasion resistance. The two-component complex structure of the weave also ensures that mechanical and electrical functions are clearly separated and is designed for easier processing and installation.

Producing less friction, the braid allows easier insertion into our conduits and also comes with a high level of fire safety performance, which is imperative in dynamic applications within the ship building, railway construction and machine building industries.

Free from halogens and withstanding temperatures between -40 and 150°C, it’s yet another addition to our extensive range of advanced products designed to ensure the safest, most durable cable protection in the world.

For more information, contact Donna Clash at PMA’s UK head office by email below:

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