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Article Date: 4th November 2013

PD Devices - The Panel is the Best Place for Surge Protection

Surge Protection - Lightning Protection - Surge Arresters - Surge Modules

PD Flow Chart

When dealing with transient overvoltages, there are many reasons why the panel is the best location for surge protection:

  • Multiple circuits can be protected by one device, rather than the multiple ‘at equipment’ devices that would otherwise be required.

  • Limits the electromagnetic propagation of the overvoltage. Surge protection in the panel limits the inductive coupling to other conductors by minimising the size of the conducting ‘loop’ (e.g. phase to earth) during an overvoltage event.

  • Electrically ‘noisy’ equipment is usually supplied by its own ring or spur, so a surge protection device in the panel is effectively between the ‘noisy’ source and the equipment that requires protection.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the surge protection is centralised and simplified, as many panel products have options for automatic monitoring and pre-failure warning.

  • As panels are normally located at the entrance to an installation or area, the installation of surge protection at the panel fits well with the Lightning Protection Zone concept of BS EN 62305.

  • Lead lengths can be controlled and kept to a minimum; loops can be eliminated.

  • Ensures a good coordinated approach

PD Devices are a UK based, in-house manufacturer of Surge Protection Devices, offering a full range of products including the key Metal Oxide Varistor element. This allows full customisation at standard product pricing.

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