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Article Date: 29th November 2013

Frenger - Halo™ by Frenger®

Chilled Beams - Chilled Ceilings - Heating Products - Passive Beams

Frenger Halo

Halo™ is one of Frenger’s latest range of next generation Chilled Beams. Energy efficiency has been a key driver for such advancements in Frenger’s Chilled Beam Technology.

Halo is only 230mm deep and can achieve up to 1463 watts total cooling (based on a 1.2m long x 0.6m wide beam with a 10 dtk between room and mean water temperature and 44 ltrs/sec of primary air supplied at 16°C with a 100Pa pressure).

Halo can be designed for as little as 5 ltrs/sec primary air and as low as 40Pa pressure for reduced load on the AHU (Air Handling Unit) if required.

The Halo active beam contains a number of Frenger’s Patent pending performance enhancing features and Registered Designs for aesthetic enhancements such as its unique burst nozzle strip, battery angle and concealed air discharge vanes which not only improves the products performance but also the aesthetics. Lift and tilt border perforated underplates for simple access to the heat exchanger coil and smooth extruded aluminium discharge slots with mitred corners, all of which high quality finished as can be expected from the Frenger brand.

The Halo beam has been specifically designed to have a small footprint but still handle significant heat gains by delivering conditioned air with a true 360° discharge characteristic, this provides increased free ceiling areas and a reduction in air velocities of up to 35%* due to the optimal method of discharging the conditioned air in all directions, resulting in the shortest possible air throws and the highest levels of comfort being realised.

The Halo beam is available as cooling only or cooling and heating; heating models are available with either an integrated LTHW heating circuit or alternatively electric heating elements with double overheat protection.

Halo range is available in 3 models namely “I” for integration in standard 15 or 24mm exposed tee bar lay-in grid systems, “C” which is designed for integration into metal clip-in systems and “F” which is designed for free-hanging exposed applications; the free-hanging model “F” is a standard Halo model with factory fitted colour matched architectural frame enhancement kit which ensures correct air discharge and provides improved aesthetics.

  • True 360° discharge characteristic for lower air velocities and improved comfort.
  • High Output “1463 W”
  • Electric or conventional L.T.H.W heating function.
  • Available in three types – “I” for integrated ceiling installation, “C” for clip in ceiling installation or “F” free hanging.
  • Discharge Vanes are concealed within the beam casing for improved performance and aesthetics.
  • Operates well at “Low Pressure” and “Low Air Volume” for increased energy efficiencies.
  • Multiple manifold variants to enable reduced chilled (and LTHW, if applicable) water mass flow rates to be facilitated for increased energy efficiencies.
  • Drop down battery (Halo – Healthcare) function designed specifically for hospital environments.
* when compared to traditional 2-way discharge chilled beams

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