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Article Date: 27th November 2013

Daikin UK Offsets Carbon by Planting Trees at Alladale

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Daikin Cows

Daikin UK has donated funds for almost 10,000 trees to be planted at a wilderness reserve in northern Scotland, as part of its efforts to offset the environmental impact of its business.

The Carbon Managers is the organisation behind the Trees4Business campaign, working with a number of progressive businesses, including Daikin, to offset their carbon output by planting trees at the Alladale Wilderness Reserve. So far, over 800,000 native trees have been planted, including Scots Pine, Birch, Juniper, Oak, Rowan, Alder, Willow, Aspen and Holly.

Alladale Wilderness Reserve owner Paul Lister’s vision is to restore woodland and wildlife to the area, helping conserve species that would otherwise be lost forever. Black grouse, roe deer and red squirrels have already started to thrive. If Paul realises his dream, bears and wolves will feature in the coming years.

George Thomas, Account Manager at The Carbon Managers, explained that, “for every tonne of carbon created in a one year period, one tree can be planted, which will counter the effects of this emission over its lifetime”.

Each company works out the amount of carbon produced by calculating the amount of carbon emitted from the vehicle fleet, flights made, electricity, heating and other operations. This figure is then used to purchase an equivalent number of trees.

Richard Truttero, Manager, General Affairs at Daikin UK, said: “We promote our renewable energy products as saving energy and reducing carbon emissions and as such we felt the need to raise our own green credentials. By participating in this scheme we can offset the carbon emissions that we produce as a business, and help to preserve the environment that we all live in.”

The planting of trees helps provide the foundation for the natural ecosystem as they provide enrichment for the soil, and homes for plants, fungi and insects. Trees also absorb carbon dioxide which helps to combat the emissions produced by industry and domestic households.

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