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Article Date: 6th November 2013

Airedale International Air Conditioning Launches Highest Efficiency Dedicated Chilled Water Precision Air Conditioning Product

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Airedale SR Unit

To meet the demand for a higher efficiency chilled water precision air conditioning product, leading British manufacturer Airedale International Air Conditioning, has launched a range of dedicated chilled water systems which outperform rival products in terms of cooling capacity for footprint and energy efficiency ratio (EER).

Available in capacities from 11 to 233kW, the SmartCool™ SD, SN & SR range has been designed to maximise the use of the internal heat exchange area in addition to other energy efficient enhancements.

The new frame design on the SmartCool™ SD (60kW–233kW) facilitates a larger coil area and improved airflow path. The innovative slab coil arrangement, with filters located on the face of the coil, provides up to 15% more surface area for airflow and allows for low air-side pressure drop, increasing efficiency by lowering fan power. Energy efficiency in the SD model is further increased by locating the fans in the floor void.

The SmartCool™ SD is also designed with two fully modulating, two-way actuated ball valves in place of a single three-way valve. In addition to improved efficiency, this brings further benefits as the two-way valve method of controlling the chilled water can be used as an auto-commissioning tool saving commissioning time.

Airedale’s SmartCool™ SN/SR models (11kW–60kW) are designed with innovative V-frame heat exchangers, again improving air flow through the unit and reducing pressure, to deliver market-leading efficiency levels and consistently outperform rival systems.

All units incorporate the latest release in fan technology. The backward-curved centrifugal EC fans are up to 70% more efficient than their AC equivalents and allow units to be configured to customer needs according to whether they require high airflow/high capacity or low airflow/high efficiency. This makes units extremely competitive when considering both cooling capacity per footprint and efficiency. The aerodynamic design of the fans also helps reduce noise.

The SmartCool™ range is available in a number of different configurations to suit a wide range of specifications including compact applications where space is a limiting factor.

One of the first orders received for the new range by the British manufacturer will see 20SmartCool™ SD chilled water units delivered to their eastern European customer in December 2013.

Airedale International, the UK’s number one provider of chillers, precision air conditioning and IT cooling solutions, will be exhibiting on Stand No 41 at this year’s Datacenter Dynamics, Excel London ICC on 20 & 21 November 2013.

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