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Article Date: 13th November 2013

Advanced Diesel Engineering - Containerised Generators & Belly Tanks: A Match Made in Heaven…Just make sure they meet-up before they get Married on Site! (Stand 2)

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Sitting beneath an acoustic generator housing, a bulk fuel belly tank arrangement has many advantages over the remote traditional bulk storage arrangements. The simplicity of this design and the absence of the need fuel pipelines and in some cases fuel transfer pumps is certainly an attraction to the designer and the accountant alike. However if you are currently considering this arrangement it is worth having a look at the do's and the don'ts and get an understanding of what can be achieved and what may be problematic with this arrangement.

To start our review let’s look at the basic design to the belly tank arrangements. The main component is designed around steel I beams. These I beams (AKA universal beams) run the full length of the tank down each side and give the tank its rigidity. They also dictate the depth and therefore capacity of the belly tank.

If we take the largest I beam at 914 mm height with an overall length of 12100 mm sitting underneath a standard acoustically treated ISO container housing we can design a bulk tank arrangement of approximately 26,000 litres which is also sitting inside an internal bunded arrangement. This storage capacity of 26,000 litres will enable a 2mVA prime rated engine to run at full load for 72 hours.

Regardless of capacity, the basic design of the belly tank remains the same throughout the range; but the details of connections and valves must be always be a bespoke design to each tank built. In our world of buying generators we all know our old favorite manufactures such as Cummins, FG Wilson, CAT, SDMO.

They all have varying engines sizes and differing connection points and the devil is very much in the detail. At Advanced we already have all of these details, as our client you only need to let us know which generator manufacturer you prefer. The connection flange arrangements are be built onto the top of the belly tank - the protruding raised connection flanges aid the site assembly and ensure time (and cost) on site is reduced. The connection flanges will also accommodate fuel polishing recirculation pipe-work arrangements if required. We also allow for additional connecting bosses in our efforts to consider your future needs. We will ensure that the belly tank and the protruding flange connection points marry-up correctly with the generator housing at our extensive factory premises in Yorkshire before arrival on your site.

The only tried and tested way is to assemble the belly tank and the genset housing off site before delivery. This activity is really not that time consuming as no pipe connections take place. We need only to demonstrate the connection flange fits through the matching recess hole of the generator housing. Advanced Diesel Engineering Ltd are the only facility in the UK where belly tanks are manufactured alongside the generator housings. This simple assembly off site of the two key items really ensures less time on site and removes any stress you may encounter with having these items built at different locations.

This belly tank assembly has major advantages for the sites which have multiple external generator housings. It is certainly beneficial with regards land area being taken up for fuel storage. The belly tank has no need to allow for fuel pipe-work runs between the traditionally fitted remote externally bulk tanks. Trace heating and lagging of a diesel fuel pipeline maybe another consideration when employing traditional methods again this element of work is not required as the fuel and the set are in close proximity with no fuel pipe-work fitted

Advanced are the specialists for all of your generator, packaging, and fuel system requirements, and we would love to discuss your up-coming data centre project with you. Come and visit us at this year’s Data Centre Dynamics event on Stand 2.

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