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Article Date: 13th May 2013

Mitsubishi Electric - Brochure Shows how Controls can Reduce Running Costs

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Mitsubishi Brochure

Mitsubishi Electric has produced a new brochure designed to highlight the financial and performance benefits from taking full control of a building’s energy use.

The 16-page brochure seeks to help building operators optimise the performance of their air conditioning system to reduce running costs and minimise carbon emissions.

“Operating a heating and cooling system without the right controls can prove costly to any business,” explains Sebastien Desmottes, Product Marketing Manager and controls expert for Mitsubishi Electric. “Good controls will benefit any application, large or small and this brochure is designed to help our customers find the best solution for their situation.”

The ability to respond to different building requirements is particularly important for air conditioning systems, which must be able to react to a variety of factors including different room sizes, usage and occupancy levels as well as heat loads from electronic equipment and lighting.

Optimum control of air conditioning systems is therefore essential to ensure a constant, comfortable environment, which is both energy and cost-efficient, whilst minimising carbon emissions.

Legislation and corporate social responsibility are also impacting on energy use and the brochure highlights how updating a control system can help monitor energy use to highlight areas for improvement.

The brochure also includes real-life examples of large and small offices, hotels, retail outlets and leisure facilities and details the extensive range available from the company, which has one of the largest and flexible line-ups on offer.

“A better control system can often improve things immediately whether through a simple on/off scheduling for a single premises to a more intricate control strategy across an entire estate,” explains Desmottes.”

The brochure is available as a downloadable pdf on the company's air conditioning website (www.airconditioning.mitsubishielectric.co.uk) under the Tools and Resources section, Sales Literature, or can be requested directly by email below:

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