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Article Date: 20th May 2013

Hager Launches Type 1 + 2 Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection - Distribution Boards - Wiring Systems - Electrical Distribution

Hager Surge Protection Device

Hager has launched type 1 + 2 surge protection devices (SPDs) that are designed to optimise arc extinction for both direct lightning strikes and for type 2 8/20 waveforms.

The device uses Spark Gap technology that has been further developed to limit follow current to a 500A peak to help minimise the problem of upstream MCBs or fuses tripping. It is also encapsulated to avoid any leakage current.

Says product manager Stephen Dyson: “Spark Gap technology has a number of advantages when compared to the alternative Varistor technology. While SPDs based on Varistor technology discharge impulse energy, the reality is that about 2/3 of energy still flows through sensitive equipment for a short period of time. This has an obvious detrimental affect on that equipment.”

Hager’s type 1 + 2 surge protection devices have good energy co-ordination to help prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment, with T1 + T2 + T3 protection up to 5m with a 12.5kA ms impulse current and T1 + T2 for greater than 5m.

For further information about Hager’s range of surge protection devices contact: Hager Ltd by email below:

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