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Article Date: 25th March 2013

Siemens Building Technologies - Perfect Partnership for Comfort & Energy Efficiency

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Siemens Trench Heating

To provide increased energy efficiency and comfort for a range of properties, the Siemens Building Technologies division has partnered with Trench Heating Limited. The partnership will see the building automation and control system, Desigo RX from Siemens, installed as standard within Trench Heating’s electronically commutated (EC) fan-powered trench heaters.

Trench Heating is a leading supplier to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market, with its distinctive products replacing traditional radiators. Trench Heating’s units sit flush in the floor and are especially popular in rooms which have floor to ceiling windows, as they can be placed next to the glass to counteract any cool air flows, unlike radiators. The products are suitable for new-build and retrofit properties and can be used for both cooling and heating rooms.

Building on an existing relationship which has seen Siemens provide HVAC controls previously to Trench Heating, this new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solution will see the Siemens’ Desigo RX controller factory-fitted within Trench Heating’s pre-assembled units. The Desigo control contains a specific energy-efficient control algorithm for the EC fans within the trench heating units, helping to minimise unnecessary energy consumption.

Trench Heating’s units are ideal for commercial applications, such as large offices with glass frontages. Here, integration between HVAC systems can be taken one step further as the Siemens Desigo RX control can also be connected up to the building energy management system (BEMS). The Desigo RX control is backwardly and forwardly compatible, so connecting to the BEMS can be done at the time of installing the trench heating unit or at a later date to ensure a whole-building approach, enhancing comfort for building users while achieving optimum energy efficiency.

In addition to providing optimum HVAC control, the Desigo room operation unit is incredibly versatile as it can be used in connection with standard switches and sockets and is suitable for in-wall mounting. It provides independent control for individual rooms, with the room temperature displayed clearly for end users and options for adjusting conditions at the touch of a button.

While maximising comfort and energy efficiency is paramount to the Desigo and trench heating integration, style is also an important factor. The wall-mounted control unit uses high-quality materials and clear lines, ensuring the system blends in with even the most stylish surroundings – a key concern for specifiers and property developers.

Stuart Ludlow, Managing Director at Trench Heating, explained: “We have built up a good relationship with the Siemens Building Technologies division, having used its HVAC controls previously in a number of our products.”

“However, it is this partnership between its Desigo RX controller and our EC fans that has allowed us to create an innovative heating solution, at the cutting edge of intelligent HVAC control and energy efficiency.” 

“In addition to functionality, the Siemens products are of a high design and finish, and their name is synonymous with quality engineering. This gives our customers the assurance they are purchasing first class heating solutions which are user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and compatible with future upgrades.”

Phil Wallace, from the Siemens Building Technologies division, added: “The Siemens Desigo RX controller has been specially designed to meet Trench Heating’s requirements. By accurately controlling the EC fan with a unique algorithm, the trench heating unit can better maintain heat levels in its environment, leading to optimum conditions for room inhabitants while meeting energy reduction targets.” 

“We can work with our partners to develop leading automation and control solutions, so regardless of the building type or function there is always an effective way to provide energy-efficient heating.”

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