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Article Date: 1st March 2013

Schueco Jansen Systems Ideal for High-End Residential Market

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Schueco Folding Doors

Two recently introduced products from steel system specialist, Schueco Jansen, mean that architects and designers working at the high end of the residential market now have real choice when it comes to specifying top-of-the-range glazed sliding-door installations.

This is because in addition to slim profiles, narrow sight-lines and excellent insulation values, the Janisol Lift-and-Slide Door and the Janisol Folding Wall have the rigidity and structural strength of a steel construction. The result is two stylish doors combining premium quality with robust practicality and large glazed areas with maximum levels of security, that will go on performing year after year.

Both door systems are manufactured from thermally insulated steel profiles and benefit from a strong, all-welded construction with no visible mitred or butt joints. Similarly, both systems are able to accommodate large openings with leaf sizes up to 1.0 m x 3.2 m for the Folding Wall and 4.27 m x 3.2 m for the Lift-and-Slide Door.

The Janisol Folding Wall is the perfect solution for designers looking to provide clients with a sliding/folding door system that maximises light penetration, looks superb and opens and closes effortlessly.

Top-hung from rollers able to accommodate leaf weights of up to 100 kg, the Folding Wall uses roller guides and a floor channel to ensure a smooth and quiet operation at all times. Depending upon the threshold design, the Folding Wall may be used internally, without thermal insulation, as a room-divider or externally, with insulation, as a large exterior opening door.

The Folding Wall offers great design flexibility since the doors can be specified to fold to the inside or the outside and up to six leaves may be combined in a variety of combinations and threshold options. Glazing units up to 37 mm thick can be fitted to provide increased levels of insulation.

The second Schueco Jansen steel door system, the Janisol Lift-and-Slide Door, is available in a wide range of polyester powder coat colours. It has a leaf/frame width of only 113.5 mm, with a meeting stile just 95 mm wide. Depth measurements are similarly minimal – perimeter frame: 185 mm, leaf: 80 mm – yet the system can accommodate double- or even triple-glazed units up to 57 mm thick delivering Uw values as low as 0.9 W/(m2K).

The door also features a bottom-threshold profile made of high-quality glass-fibre-reinforced plastic; this provides an easy-access threshold construction while ensuring optimum thermal insulation. Possible door configurations include two-, three- and four-leaves with various combinations of sliding and fixed elements.

For further information about the Janisol Lift-and-Slide Door, the Janisol Folding Wall and all other steel façade, window and door systems from Schueco Jansen, please email enquiries to:

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