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Article Date: 27th March 2013

Legrand’s Cablofil EZ+ Provides HDG Alternative

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Legrand Cable Tray

Legrand has developed an alternative to hot dip galvanised steel wire cable tray for Class 8 installations with the launch of Cablofil’s EZ+ range.

An innovative organic coating applied to Cablofil’s electro-zinc plated steel wire cable tray system, EZ+ offers the durability and anti-corrosion benefits of hot-dip galvanised products while providing a more cost-effective solution. It also provides a more environmentally-friendly choice, with an environmental impact 60% lower than that of hot-dip galvanised products when measured against 11 production indicators, including raw material, energy and water consumption.

Designed for use in external installations in urban environments (IEC 61537 Class 8), Cablofil EZ+ steel wire cable tray is ideal for use in civil engineering projects such as tunnels; transport infrastructure such as airports, and energy facilities, including power plants and solar installations. Offering guaranteed performance levels up to 120°C, it can be used in any environment that is not exposed to chemical or humid conditions and offers UV resistance. Indeed, EZ+ has been subjected to two-year ageing process tests under UV conditions, which have confirmed its performance levels according to IEC 61537 Class 8 criteria. Moreover, in salt spray tests, it exceeded the performance of hot-dip galvanised products according to ISO 2081, with no red rust after more than 850 hours’ exposure to salt spray.

The benefits of EZ+ steel wire cable tray are both practical and aesthetic, although primarily, EZ+ is a functional finish. The organic coating used to create the EZ+ finish provides a smooth surface with a consistent black or colourless coating, as opposed to the rough and uneven finish associated with hot dip galvanised steel wire tray. This smooth surface, coupled with the rounded wires and T-welded safety edge designed in to all Cablofil steel wire cable tray lengths ensures that the risk of snagging cables or injury during installation is minimised.

Comments marketing manager of Legrand’s cable management business, Matt Crunden: “With EZ+ we have, at last, provided the marketplace with an alternative to hot-dip galvanised steel wire cable tray, which boasts all the same performance benefits without the environmental impact or cost. Legrand continues to innovate in order to offer specifiers genuine choice for all types of installations and EZ+ furthers this goal, ensuring that our customers can always find the perfect solution for their needs within Legrand’s extensive cable management range.”

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