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Article Date: 1st March 2013

Dimplex - Vince Cable Views Quantum at Dimplex Group HQ

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Dimplex Vince Cable

The Glen Dimplex Group recently welcomed Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, to its Dublin headquarters.

After an overview of the company’s operations in the UK and Ireland, Mr Cable was introduced to Quantum, Dimplex’s revolutionary new electric space and water heating system.

Sean O’Driscoll, CEO of Glen Dimplex, says: “As concerns increase over the security of the UK’s energy supply and the challenges of carbon reduction targets, it’s important that government and industry work together to find answers. With the electrification of heating flagged up in DECC’s heat strategy document* as the only viable way forward, we were delighted to show Mr Cable how these demands translate into real-life low energy heating solutions.”

The Quantum Energy System has been developed to meet the demands of users, specifiers and energy suppliers alike. The Quantum space heater - a fully electronic highly controllable ‘smart’ energy storage appliance – and the Quantum hot water cylinder - a class-leading self-learning adaptive ‘smart’ energy storage water vessel – offer class-leading levels of energy efficiency and performance. The key to the system is the Quantum Hub, an intelligent and completely automatic system manager, which facilitates the bi-directional communication between the Quantum appliances and the energy supply utility.

The Quantum Energy System is set to revolutionise the future of heating in the UK by making the most of intermittent renewably-generated electricity supplies. The technology will enable electricity system operators and utilities to remotely switch electricity loads, facilitating Demand Side Management initiatives and helping reduce carbon emissions at a national level.

Mr Cable was interested to learn that the Quantum Energy System has been accepted as a Green Deal measure, thanks to its ability to achieve substantial savings on energy use and running costs, and seemed impressed by the UK-manufactured system’s potential to create jobs, address fuel poverty and offer Demand Side Management possibilities.

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*Published March 2012

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