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Article Date: 26th June 2013

PMA UK - Here is a Looming Marvellous Terminating Solution!

Cable Looms - Cable Conduit - Cable Protection - Cable Systems

PMA Cable Loop

One little problem we often hear about and experience ourselves is that when assembling cable looms using corrugated conduit the termination of the wires at the "second" end of the loom can be tricky.

Connecting the cables to a connector at the first end with a solder joint or similar is very easy. However if both the cables and conduit are cut to the appropriate length for the loom in advance, this creates a limited amount of room to be able to create the second connection.

The cables need to be pulled out of the conduit far enough to allow them to be terminated. Various methods of achieving this have been successfully used in the past.

We have found the simplest and very effective method of gaining sufficient room to terminate the cables is to twist the entire cable loom into one or if possible several loops.

When the conduit bends the corrugations on the outside of the curve are extended and the corrugations on the inside of the curve are compressed. Consequently the length of the conduit on the inside of the curve is less than the length of the conduit when it is straight.

The cables within the conduit are free to move to the inner surface of the curve allowing sufficient length and space to terminate the wires at the "second" end of the cable loom. We are amazed how often this little tip has helped in the installation of cable looms.

We're always happy to receive any feedback on the installation of our products, if you have found any neat time saving techniques and would like to share them with others please feel free to let us know.

If you would like more information about PMA products please contact Donna Clash at PMA’s UK head office by email below:

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