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Article Date: 7th June 2013

Pentair Thermal Management - LaunchesTraceTek TS12 Touchscreen for Leak Detection Monitoring

Leak Detection - Leak Detection System - Water Leak Detection

Pentair Touch Screen

Pentair Thermal Management, a business unit within Pentair Ltd. (NYSE: PNR), is proud to announce the launch of the TraceTek TS12 Touchscreen panel (“TT-TS12”). The TT-TS12 is able to manage simple or complex leak detection installations by displaying information from a network of up to 250 TraceTek leak detection circuits. TT-TS12’s large panel gives users the capacity to monitor on one panel a large count circuit network, such as an entire buildings, complex pipe networks, tank farms, entire airport hydrant systems, or long pipelines. Yet the graphics and user interface remain simple and intuitive for very small installations as well.

With a 12” SVGA full-color touchscreen, the new TT-TS12 offers large, graphic displays that are easy to understand and use for operators who may not be familiar with all of the TraceTek detection system details. Detected leaks are dynamically and accurately displayed as a flashing leak icon superimposed on an easily recognized background image that installers can input into the system through a USB socket, such as a site map, building floor plan or photograph of the monitored equipment, or a satellite view of the entire facility.

“We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ different needs by not only developing new technologies, but also constantly thinking of ways to enhance our existing products,” says Brad Faulconer, vice president of global marketing, Pentair Thermal Management. “By providing the capacity to monitor entire networks, the new TT-TS12 Touchscreen serves as a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution to leak detection for both industrial and commercial customers.”

The system can be used to replace older TTDM-128 or TTB monitoring panels, as well as collect and display input from multiple TTDM panels that are already installed to provide a facility-wide master alarm panel. TT-TS12 is a fully networked system and, with LAN connectivity rights, remote users are notified of system events by email and are now able to view and control the detection system remotely via laptop computer, iPad/Android tablets, and even smartphones.

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