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Article Date: 19th June 2013

Daikin Europe - RTD Controls: for Complete Building System Integration

Building Management Systems - Energy Efficient Heating - Climate Control

Daikin RTD Control

RTD controls allow Daikin Europe’s entire product portfolio to be integrated into building management systems (BMS). Designed for a wide range of applications including hotels or offices, the RTD’s pre-programmed functions ensure systems are highly efficient, delivering reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions, while maintaining excellent levels of comfort.

Offices, shops, hotels, hospitals and schools are typically areas of intensive energy consumption, with multiple systems for internal climate control, refrigeration, lighting and alarms. Owners of modern homes are also increasingly looking for solutions to allow them to integrate their climate control, lighting, audio/video and security into one, easy-to-use system.

Whatever the application, RTD controls mean all systems can be controlled centrally, helping owners, building managers, operators and homeowners to reduce energy consumption (and bills), as well as lowering carbon emissions.

RTD controls use the industry-standard Modbus protocol to integrate Daikin equipment into a BMS. Equipment can also be integrated using resistance, voltage or dry contact.

Save even more energy with RTD controls
Daikin products offer class-leading energy efficiencies. Even more energy can be saved when RTD controls are used, as they ensure optimal operation of systems. Their pre-programmed functions manage operating modes, fresh air ventilation and room temperatures efficiently to achieve energy savings, while maintaining comfort levels.

Interlocking for total control
Hotel air conditioning systems can be interlocked with keycards and window contacts to change the operating mode or switch them off. In retail applications, interlocking with presence sensors allowing the temperature setpoint to be adjusted automatically according to occupancy. Interlocking also allows the deadband to be adjusted to turn off units and stop them switching continually between cooling and heating modes. An added benefit is that the RTD controls can communicate with the BMS to show when equipment is working correctly or if there is a fault.

An RTD control for every application
The RTD controls have each been designed specifically to meet the needs of different building uses.

Designed for residential applications, the RTD-RA has a Modbus protocol to enable residential air conditioning units to be integrated into home automation systems.

The RTD-W uses Modbus or voltage control to integrate DaikinAltherma Flex Type, VRV HT Hydrobox and inverter chillers into a BMS.

Designed for retail environments, the RTD-20 allows indoor units to be grouped by zone. This means that the operation of offices can be set differently from the shop floor, for example. Energy efficiency is improved further by the ability to integrate ventilation units, overdoor air curtains and indoor units and pre- and post-trade modes.

The full line-up of RTD controllers comprises:

  • RTD-RA: for integrating air conditioning into home automation systems
  • RTD-20: for retail applications with VRV and Sky Air
  • RTD-W: for integrating Daikin Altherma Flex Type, VRV HT Hydrobox and inverter chillers into a BMS using Modbus or voltage control
  • RTD-HO: for hotel applications
  • RTD-10: for integrating VRV and Sky Air into a BMS using Modbus, voltage or resistance, plus interlocking of IT and heating systems
  • RTD-NET: for integrating VRV and Sky Air using Modbus.

RTD: complete integration, maximum efficiency
Building owners, managers and homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, while maintaining comfort. RTD controls offer a range of solutions to maximise efficiencies for any application.

Daikin products are distributed in the UK by Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Europe NV, and Space Airconditioning plc, the largest independent Daikin distributor.

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