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Article Date: 31st July 2013

Schneider Electric - Keep Installations Cool this Summer with ProClima 5.2

Thermal Management - Control Panels - Power Distribution - Energy Management

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Version 5.2 of Schneider Electric’s ProClima software is now available online. In seven easy steps it enables customers to choose the thermal management solution that will keep electric installations running smoothly, avoiding the risk of overheating.

With temperatures inside enclosures able to reach up to 50 degrees centigrade, an effective thermal management solution is vital in ensuring consistent internal temperature and avoiding costly downtime. Just one hour of downtime can run into thousands of pounds and – in industries like banking and microprocessing – even millions.

Temperatures, both high and low, directly affect the reliability and service life of electric and electronic equipment. When such equipment overheats inside a poorly ventilated enclosure, there is an increased possibility of system failure or breakdown. High operating temperatures take their toll on equipment and even if systems don’t fail, their service life can often be drastically shortened. For example, if the operating temperature of a variable speed drive rises by 15°C, its lifetime will be three times shorter.

What’s more, extreme weather can also impact on the temperature in enclosures, so must also be factored into their thermal management. Such weather patterns can seriously impair the reliability and effectiveness of equipment – particularly temperature-sensitive components like batteries.

The ProClima solution is a robust thermal management solution. It is cost-effective, meaning minimal downtime, reduced maintenance costs, plus a longer service life for control panel, providing the end user with total peace of mind.

Schneider Electric also boasts a comprehensive new generation of electronic thermal devices. The ClimaSys range has the capability not just to prevent overheating, but to control humidity and water condensation. Energy efficient and eco-friendly, Schneider Electric thermal management solutions help you meet your commitment to the environment.

Plan ahead for the summer by downloading ProClima v5.2 for free. And check out the Schneider Electric ClimaSys thermal offer.

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