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Article Date: 26th July 2013

Daikin UK - Air-to-Water Heat Pump Provides Energy Efficient Solution for off Gas Farm House

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Daikin Dean House Farm


Dean House Farm, home to the Malik family, is a five bedroom detached property, dating back to the 1850s and situated in beautiful countryside near Hassocks in West Sussex. It is off the gas network and heating was formerly provided primarily by an oil boiler.

The Situation

The Malik family decided to look at alternative methods for providing energy to their home, after heating oil prices rose from 50 pence to 87 pence a litre within just three months in 2011, resulting in a bill of £1700 to £2000 per annum. In addition to cost, the family felt that there was a constant smell of oil in their house.

With the old system, the family had to constantly monitor the level of oil in their storage tank so that new oil could be ordered and delivered before the tank ran dry. Deliveries were a problem, particularly in winter when extreme weather conditions made transportation difficult.

The old oil burner was considered noisy, and the fuel tank was unsightly and took up space in the garden. Mr Malik, the home owner, said: “We wanted to reduce our running costs which were increasing, and dispense with our previous system as the oil burner sounded like a rocket launcher.”

Mr Malik was interested in exploring a renewable technology as an alternative source of energy. In particular he was keen to find a technology which would provide a constant supply of heat without the need to monitor fuel stocks and arrange deliveries.

The Solution

A Daikin Altherma High Temperature air-to-water heat pump was chosen to provide heating and hot water to the farmhouse. As the system provides water at flow temperatures of up to 80°C there was no need to replace the existing radiators, which is typically necessary for low temperature heat pump systems. A new Daikin 260 litre unvented hot water cylinder was installed to provide mains pressure hot water to the bathroom and shower.

To ensure that there would be sufficient warmth in the house during severe winter weather an electric back-up heater was also installed. Simulations showed that this back-up heater would only be required when the external temperature falls to minus 10°C or lower.

The householder also had a 7.6 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed to provide some ‘free’ electricity for the home which would help to power the heat pump.


Mr Malik works in a business which makes companies more profitable by reducing costs. When the running costs in his home increased substantially, he decided to turn his business acumen into making his home more efficient too.

Daikin Altherma simulation software has been used to estimate the running costs of the air-to-water heat pump system at the Malik family home. The calculation estimates the annual running cost is expected to be approximately £1200 which compares favourably with the Malik’s last annual oil bill of £1700 to £2000.

The cost of electricity, although rising, is much more stable than the price of oil which is subject to rapid pricing fluctuations relating to supply, demand and instability in oil producing countries.


The householder was eligible to take advantage of the Government incentive for renewable energy heating systems. The £850 one-off payment from the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme is available for homes where the previous heating system was oil-fired central heating.

Government funding under the RHPP is only available for products certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, together with their installation by MCS accredited installers. This provides customer assurance that installations will achieve the highest efficiencies and will meet rigorous and consistent government standards.

The installer

The installation was carried out by Sun and Air Limited, of Worthing who specialise in the installation of heat pump and solar technologies. Harry Moss, Managing Director of Sun and Air commented: “We recommended the Daikin Altherma HT air-to-water heat pump system so that our customer could keep his existing radiators. The system is working efficiently with potential savings of over £500 per year.”


The Daikin Altherma High Temperature air-to-water heat pump provided an effective solution for replacing Mr Malik’s oil-fired heating system. The system has been provided to meet all the householder’s heating needs whilst achieving a more sustainable environment in which to live.

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