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Article Date: 5th July 2013

Daikin UK - Increased House Prices follow Adoption of Energy Efficiency Measures

Air Heat Pumps - Heat Pumps - Renewable Heating

Daikin Engineer

The value of a home can increase by as much as 14% when energy efficiency and renewable measures are installed which raise the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating by one or two bands.

Research published by the Department of Energy & Climate Change, entitled: ‘An investigation of the effect of EPC ratings on house prices’, has found that as much as £19,000 can be added to the value of a home in the North East of England by increasing the EPC rating from a Band D to a B rating. This is because prospective purchasers are now increasingly focussed on how energy efficient a property will be, in order to keep their running costs down.

“Whilst measures like wall insulation, loft insulation and draught proofing may be the top priority, in order to make a larger shift in the EPC rating and reduce the ongoing running costs it is certainly worth looking at renewable measures”, says Peter Verkempynck, Managing Director of Daikin UK, a leading supplier of renewable energy air-to-water heat pumps. “Once the insulation has been installed, it is likely that a new heat pump installation will work more efficiently as the heat is retained in the building for longer.”

The installation of heat pumps is now starting to increase and government incentive schemes such as the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) demonstrate government commitment to renewable heat pump systems. This will help achieve the Government’s target of 15% of the UK’s energy supply to come from renewable sources by 2020.

Renewable heating systems, such as air source heat pumps, are increasingly being viewed as a highly energy efficient and cost effective way to heat homes and commercial buildings. They take heat from the outside air and turn it into heating and hot water for the property – even when it’s freezing outside. They also negate the need for expensive and unreliable oil or solid fuel deliveries, and the associated high up front purchase costs.

Daikin UK products are well suited to the UK domestic and commercial markets and include Daikin Altherma Low Temperature and High Temperature Split air-to-water heat pumps, as well as Daikin Altherma Monobloc and Flex air-to-water heat pumps.

The Daikin Altherma range of air-to-water heat pumps currently holds a leading share of this market, with 180,000 units already having been sold across Europe to date.

In addition to heat pumps Daikin UK also offers solar thermal systems for the provision of hot water. This renewable system can be integrated alongside the existing gas boiler for ‘free’ hot water. Or it can work in conjunction with a heat pump to deliver greater running cost and carbon savings.

A well designed solar thermal system can provide up to 60% of the typical hot water energy demand per annum and up to 100% of the hot water required on the sunniest days.

Daikin UK can deliver a complete heating and hot water solution incorporating both the Daikin Altherma heat pump and the solar thermal systems into one fully integrated renewable energy package.

As a leading renewable heating solutions provider, Daikin offers expert advice on selecting the most efficient air-to-water heat pump and solar thermal system combination for each property and can provide predictions on typical running costs, energy consumption and CO2 savings.

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