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Article Date: 9th July 2013

Bilco Clears the Air on Smoke Vent CE Marking

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Bilco Smoke Vent

Following rigorous testing, Bilco’s new generation of smoke vents will all carry the CE mark, which denotes compliance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) under harmonised European Standard EN12101-2.

Bilco welcomes this new legislation, which takes effect from 1st July 2013, as it will ensure that all smoke vents will be robust and fit for purpose, with a guaranteed performance. In order to achieve CE mark compliance, Bilco embarked on a minor redesign of its smoke vent products, adding wind deflectors. These enable the vent size to be kept to a compact minimum while guaranteeing the required free aerodynamic area to disperse smoke from inside the property to the outside.

Taking a lead in the smoke vent market, Bilco has been quick to embrace its legal responsibility as a manufacturer under CPR, which succeeds the former voluntary Construction Products Directive (CPD). The company’s smoke vent range has been thoroughly tested by a third party ‘notified body’ across a range of its characteristics. These include; reliability; opening under loads; low ambient temperature (to temperatures as low as -15°C); wind load; and heat exposure; in addition to free aerodynamic area. Comprehensive testing represented a significant financial investment in the future of its product range which comprises some of the highest quality smoke vents on the UK market. As a result, the Bilco REM smoke vent range is now fully certified and CE marked in accordance with legislation.

However, it isn’t only manufacturers who must comply with the CPR, as James Fisher, General Manager for Bilco, explains, “CE marking will affect every aspect of the process of supplying a smoke vent, from manufacture, through specification, purchasing and even installation. There is an onus on each member of the chain to ensure that any product covered by CPR and governed by a harmonised standard is CE marked. Supplying or installing a non-CE marked product will incur penalties from July 2013.”

“Our concern is that not all manufacturers will be so diligent in ensuring that their products are CE marked, so specifiers and installers will need to be aware that they must use only CE marked products from now on. Failing to do so will be a criminal offence. Fortunately, simply specifying one of Bilco’s new smoke vents will ensure that you stay on the right side of the law.”

In order to comply with the requirements of EN12101-2, Bilco natural smoke vents have all undergone thorough testing and are supplied with the Declaration of Conformity required by the new Construction Products Regulation. The written declaration confirms that the product conforms to the essential safety requirements of:

  • The Machinery Directive 98/37/EG

  • The Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC

  • EU Regulation No. 305/2011

In addition it confirms that the product is evaluated against the European Harmonised Standard EN12101-2 2003-09. Bilco smoke vents will carry the codes of ESW-50 REM for the 1260mmx1260mm size and UDF-50 REM for the 1500mmx 1620mm size, which is now a double leaf opening. For non-standard applications, Bilco will continue to manufacture specially engineered and tailored products in one-off bespoke sizes on request.

For full details of Bilco’s smoke vents range and horizontal access products, please use the email option below:

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