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Article Date: 1st July 2013

AET - Solar Pool Heating by AET & Camel Solar

Solar Heating - Pool Heating - Thermal Collectors - Renewable Heating

AET Solar Panels

AET has recently completed a Solar Heating project for a private residential pool in East Sussex. Using their Camel Solar brand of Solar Thermal collectors, the system is now fully functioning and heating the pool to temperatures of around 28°C without any auxiliary heating.

The 10m x 5m pool holding around 75,000L water has recently undergone major refurbishment. The 36 Evacuated Tube CS15 Solar collectors have been installed as a ground mounted array situated close to the pool house at the property, and the system was designed to heat the pool to an average temperature of between 25°C and 30°C, with the potential of reaching 36°C.

After just a few days of operation the solar thermal collectors had reached temperatures of 43°C, and the pool temperature was at 25°C, increasing to over 30°C after just a short period of optimum conditions for heat generation. AET have also installed a data logger into the system in order to analyse the seasonal performance of the Solar Thermal system against local climate data.

Swimming pool heating is undoubtedly one of the best uses of Solar Thermal technology and offers some of the highest savings and fastest payback periods whether on a domestic or commercial level. The cost of heating swimming pools using traditional methods such as gas or electric in cooler climates can be very high, and have a high level of heat wastage for outdoor pools. Solar Thermal systems therefore offer an economically viable alternative to pool owners and users. The private tenants in East Sussex are delighted that they are now able to enjoy the swimming pool earlier in the year, for longer and without the associated operational costs.

AET, known for their unique under floor air conditioning system; AET Flexible Space, are the wholesale distributor of Camel Solar products for the UK, and remain positive about the prospects for renewable heat generation for domestic, commercial and industrial applications in the UK. For more information please email below:

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