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Article Date: 31st January 2013

SPC’s CPD on the use of Ultraviolet Sterilisation to Improve Indoor Air Quality & Combat Sick Building Syndrome has now been Approved by RIBA

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S & P Coil Products Limited’s (SPC) CPD on the use of ultraviolet sterilisation to improve indoor air quality and combat sick building syndrome while reducing costs has now been approved by RIBA for their CPD network.

The launch of UV into the UK market follows the successful use of the product in the US market for well over a decade under the approval of ASHRAE and the use in over 75 projects throughout the Middle East worth over £2m.

Allan Westbury, CEO of SPC said, “The quality of indoor air can be greatly overlooked in a commercial building because of the emphasis on insulation to combat energy loss. This results in biological and chemical concentrations continually rising within the building”.

UV wavelengths work in the same way as the sun in that they destroy and deactivate biological and chemical contaminants that are in the atmosphere. This greatly improves the quality of indoor air, reducing absenteeism, improving productivity and reducing costs by maximising energy efficiencies”.

The ultraviolet lamps are used to treat either the air or the object (ie HVAC coil, walls etc) and can be used in countless applications including medical, museums, educational, offices, prisons, hospitality industry, produce storage and food processing.

The RIBA approved CPD ‘Improving Indoor Air Quality and Reducing Costs with Ultraviolet Air and Object Purification’ can be booked via email below:

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