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Article Date: 23rd January 2013

Breathing Buildings - Goodbye BB101, Hello Adaptive Thermal Comfort

Natural Ventilation - Passive Ventilation - Ventilation Systems - Indoor Climate

Breathing 3d Building

Making sense of the new Priority School Output Specification from the Education Funding Agency. How is the output specification different from previous guidelines, how do the standard school designs meet the output specification and how Breathing Buildings can help you model the ventilation system energy use in IES.


The Education Funding Agency (EFA) launched their baseline designs for schools in October 2012. The school designs set out to show examples of how the Output Specification for schools to be built under the Priority School Building Programme (PSBP) could be achieved within the set costs and area allowances. Breathing Buildings worked with the EFA to develop the Output Specification, helping them assess alternative ventilation strategies and review the energy modelling results.

The baseline designs cover 3 standard schools: a 420 place primary, with a nursery of 26; a 1,200 place fingerblock secondary school; and a 1,200 place superblock secondary school.

Key Design Principles

The baseline designs have been developed using the following key principles:

• Functionality
• Health & Safety
• Standardisation
• Future-proofing
• Sustainability

The EFA have stated that they expect contractors to develop their own schemes to meet the Output Specification. The baseline designs are a potential starting point, but if contractors have different ideas they will be accepted so long as they meet the Output Specification criteria and cost targets.

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