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Article Date: 19th February 2013

Viessmann - New Vitocrossal 200 Boilers Expand Output Range & Operating Pressure

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Viessmann Boiler

Viessmann has launched three new models to its line of Vitocrossal 200 gas-condensing commercial boilers, offering higher heat outputs of 404, 503 and 628 kW. A standard 2 units can be cascaded to produce a total maximum output of 1256 kW, although it is possible to cascade up to four.

The Vitocrossal 200 range is perfect for systems where high flow temperatures of up to 95°C are required, such as schools, hospitals and other buildings with large radiator coverage. The boilers’ operating pressure has been raised to 6 bar, meaning they can be fitted in high rise buildings, up to 60 m above ground level. The range is now also able to operate with natural gas E, LL and LPG, where previously natural gas was the only fuel accepted.

Improved efficiency and reduced maintenance

The Inox-Crossal heat exchanger enables the Vitocrossal 200 range to achieve a gross efficiency of up to 97 per cent. Its stainless steel heating surface is designed specifically for condensing technology, allowing condensate to simply run off downwards creating a permanent self-cleaning effect and resulting in a longer service life whilst reducing maintenance effort.

In combination with the heat exchanger, Viessmann’s MatriX cylinder burner ensures high-energy efficiency and long-term heating convenience. By using thousands of tiny flames instead of one large flame, the MatriX cylinder burner distributes heat cleanly and evenly and the stainless steel MatriX mesh ensures long term reliability.

In line with latest EU safety standards, all units in the range now come equipped with a second air-pressure switch to monitor the combustion chamber’s pressure.

Quiet but confident operation

With noise emissions of less than 60 dB(A), with 68 dB only reaching the noise levels of an office, the new Vitocrossal 200 models’ are distinctly quiet in operation. All units provide conventional flued or room sealed operation meaning any hazardous air quality in plant rooms is unable to contaminate the burner’s air supply, as can occur in laundry room locations or bakeries for example.

Multi boiler operation means it is possible to fit up to four units at once, meeting many customers’ desire to keep a backup, or to modulate across a much broader range.

The new Vitocrossal 200 models have been available for UK installation since December 2012.

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