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Article Date: 13th February 2013

Thomas & Betts Offers a Solution to Cable Theft & Reduces Copper Usage

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With cable theft running at high levels and causing subsequent delays, vast sums of public funding have been spent on compensation and the replacement of stolen cable sections.

In an effort to prevent damage to cabling on rail lines, responsible for controlling the signalling infrastructure, rail companies throughout Europe have been installing expensive motion sensors, and favouring nylon cable protection systems as an effective method of protecting cables from vandalism and theft.

Mark Fletcher, Thomas & Betts Rail Specialist, says: “We manufacture nylon conduit systems that are used to protect cables. These conduits would ideally carry individual single cables, which are un-armoured and cuts down on the amount of copper or metal required. The nylon provides the mechanical protection to the cables and dramatically reduces the appeal for thieves. All our systems meet with Network Rail’s requirements on modular wiring and plug & play systems providing a range of additional benefits, such as being resistant to corrosion and rodents.”

Traditionally, nylon (or polyamide) has been considered a weaker alternative to metal when it comes to protecting cables, but over the years, more have come to rely upon the material for its strength, life expectancy and ease of installation. At Thomas & Betts, materials have been subjected to extensive testing and have proved resilient to extreme fluctuations in temperature as well as being resistant to fungal decay, weathering and certified to many rail certifications.

Providing a rodent-resistant solution to rail engineers, the Thomas & Betts range of nylon cable protection systems has gained popularity over the last few years, following reports that millions were being spent in replacing cables damaged by the teeth of rats, after numerous cancellations and delays were caused across the UK’s 20,000 mile stretch of railways.

Now, nylon is gaining further recognition by preventing theft-related disruption on our transport systems by providing a metal-free alternative which doesn’t compromise on strength. With nylon lacking any appeal for thieves seeking metal, Thomas & Betts products are saving thousands of commuters hassle, as well as millions of pounds being spent on compensation and replacement cabling.

Mark Fletcher comments: “Rail companies simply cannot afford the costs and delays associated with this vandalism, but we have a simple, easily installed solution to the problem, already widely available. We hope Thomas & Betts products can eliminate this crime from being committed altogether and contribute towards a more reliable, cost-effective rail system.”

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