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Article Date: 22nd February 2013

Pentair takes Control of Mixed Use Developments

Pipe Protection - Ice Protection - Freeze Protection - Frost Protection

Pentair Diagram

Currently there are a lot of discussions about “Mixed Use Development” projects and the fact that buildings that don’t have a defined purpose from the outset are difficult to design for. For example, providing a heating solution when the end use of all areas of the building is not yet known can be tricky. Likewise, for a hot water distribution system it may not be clear from the outset what is going to be needed and where.

To this end, Pentair Thermal Management has designed the new Raychem ACS-30, a modular system that can easily be added to or extended at a later date. It is multi-application from Hot water services to floor heating to pipe freeze protection etc. Each mode in individual areas can be tailored to meet usage patterns and user preferences.

A centralised interface with de-centralised power and control modules means that the system can be expanded without having to increase the central infrastructure for monitoring - as building functions change, the ACS-30 be changed to meet the new requirements.

The ACS-30’s centralised users interface terminal (UIT) interacts with up to 52 power and control modules (PCM’s) distributed throughout a building or series of buildings. The UIT features a touch screen colour display and provides intuitive applications based control. All heating cable circuits are controlled and monitored from the UIT providing status update of up to 260 heating circuits.

The new control solution interfaces with existing BMS systems via a Protonode which converts its information to BacNet, Metasys and Lonworks BMS operating systems. The result is complete control of the multiple heat tracing systems, with centralised monitoring either at the UIT or on the user’s BMS terminal.

The modular ACS-30 makes configuration of any building simple and easy, whilst providing the flexibility to design a building’s services to meet individual needs.

European Product Manager and ACS-30 Project leader Jonathan Jones explains, “The need for flexible advanced control and monitoring in the built environment has never been more important. As we strive to deliver ever more efficient comfort and safety solutions, the need for circuit by circuit control becomes increasingly important. Furthermore, monitoring of each trace heating circuit for optimum functionality, safety, and energy usage is essential to a facilities manager wishing to understand his building.”

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