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Article Date: 13th February 2013

Lowara Ecocirc Delivers Innovative Air Purge Function

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Lowara Circulator

Xylem Lowara UK is offering an innovative function to rid domestic water systems of troublesome air pockets within pump housing, with the Air Purge function of its new Lowara Ecocirc domestic circulator.

The Ecocirc, which reduces electricity costs by up to 90% compared to a standard fixed three-speed circulator in domestic applications, is also fully compliant with the 2015 ErP Directive. The pump can be set to purge air from within the system before returning to its previous working pattern easily simply by turning the control dial.

Compared to other market-leading circulator pumps, which often require additional pump housing or extended venting times in order to rid the pump of trapped air, the Ecocirc’s integrated Air Purge functionality enables installers to maintain the efficiency of domestic pumping systems in one easy step.

Gary Wilde, Business Development & Marketing Manager for Xylem Lowara UK, comments:
“The integration of maintenance functions into the product design means that our Air Purge system saves both time and money on the upkeep and repair of pumping equipment. Our built-in Air Purge supports pump installers worldwide who want to make their products as efficient and technologically advanced as possible.”

The Ecocirc Air Purge cycle will run a pump at maximum speed for a predetermined length of time, followed by a shorter period of minimum speed. This cycle is then repeated in order to fully flush air pockets from the circulator housing.

About the Lowara Ecocirc from Xylem
The Lowara Ecocirc boasts a market-leading electronically commutated spherical motor which has only one moving component – the impeller/rotor unit. This means that the pump can perform to its maximum capabilities after any period of inactivity.

The Ecocirc also features Xylem’s ‘anti-block technology’ which completely separates the main flow of transferred liquid from the permanent magnetic parts, protecting the pump from blockages due to magnetite or sludge.

The Xylem Lowara Ecocirc features four to six metre head options which meet standard specifications making it directly interchangeable with other manufacturer’s units. The pump operates up to a maximum of 10 bar, transferring liquids ranging from -10°C to +110°C in temperature, and comes with two metres of pre-wired cable for fast installation.

In addition, the electronics and components of the pump are protected by an integrated over-temperature protection system which can automatically reduce the speed of the pump or bring it to a complete stop. The system will then try to re-start the pump once every minute to ensure it operates to maximum efficiency without overheating.

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