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Article Date: 14th February 2013

Gilberts - Step into the Theatre

Air Conditioning - Cooling Systems - Air Distribution - Ventilation Systems

Gilberts School Floor

Providing cooling and ventilation in theatres and auditoriums presents a unique set of challenges in air distribution design. Usually these buildings are built on a grand scale and enclose large volumes of unoccupied space. Comfortable conditions at seating level with no draughts and low noise levels are vital.

Recent solutions have favoured a Displacement Ventilation approach using the buoyancy process to introduce supply air at a temperature slightly cooler than the design room air temperature at low level (typically under the seating).

The cool air spreads across the floor and only rises when it comes into contact with a heat source such as a person. The heated air will rise to the ceiling where it can be extracted taking with it any pollutants on the way.

By introducing the conditioned air unobtrusively from directly behind the occupants, only the space around the audience is conditioned rather than the whole auditorium. This ensures that the occupied space is kept at ideal conditions whilst not wasting energy maintaining the whole space at design conditions.
Gilberts new ST Series provides a range of diffusers perfectly suited for this type of application, fitting in to the steps or risers, under and around theatre seating areas and provides two specific diffuser designs.

Type STG is a two way throw design that offers good performance and superb economy. Manufactured from mild steel units comprised of 1.2mm blades centrally split both left and right handed at an increasing deflection angle to provide a good discharge and spread of air. Optional air volume control is achieved from the diffuser face by sliding an adjustment control.

Type STC offers a 2mm thick stainless steel fascia with slotted radial swirl air distribution patterns, punched into either a square or circular face plate. Concealed behind the fascia a series of radial impeller vanes generate the swirl effect which allows the unit to deliver comparatively high air volumes with rapid mixing and entrainment in the conditioned space. A rotating disc volume control damper is optionally available with the damper simply adjusted forwards or backwards to regulate the air volume.

For details on this new range please email below:

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