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Featured Video - SIG Design and Technology - 13th March 2013

How to make a green roof with LiveRoof® Lite,
the roofer-friendly system

SIG LiveRoof Lite - Full Length

SIG Design and Technology’s new roofer-friendly, extensive green roof can be installed over most waterproofing roofing systems without specialist know-how or tools. LiveRoof® Lite comes from Blackdown-Green-Roofs and is available exclusively through SIG Design and Technology.

Installed in just four easy steps, LiveRoof® Lite provides an instant extensive sedum roof on the day you install it. That’s because it’s delivered with 90/95% mature sedum plant cover.

The sedums are grown in a rich volcanic growing medium for healthy plants that last. Unlike traditional green roof construction, the unique recycled polypropylene hybrid tray shares across the entire rooftop water, nutrients and beneficial organisms! Here’s how to make an instant green roof by installing LiveRoof® Lite.

Step one*
Prepare your roof surface by sweeping off, cleaning down and laying a separation layer if required.
Simply loose lay the inter-locating LiveRoof Lite modules onto the roof surface, placing them neatly together to form a grid. They are specially designed with lips on two sides and instructions on the stickers guide you through the process.

Step two
As you lay each section of modules, remove the Soil Elevators for a seamless instantly mature green roof.

Step three
Then, backfill the perimeter edge with decorative river washed ballast for a finished and polished look.

Step four
Now water thoroughly to settle any loose growing medium and it’s job done! What’s more, your LiveRoof® Lite extensive sedum green roof is also very easy to maintain.

LiveRoof® Lite greenroofing is perfect for new and refurbishment projects; commercial or domestic roofing; flat roofs and low pitched roofs with suitable retention or shearing measures. This greenroofing system can help capture carbon, insulate the building, reduce summer heat in cities, reduce rainwater surge and provide a bio-diverse, wildlife habitat.

*Note: Before installing LiveRoof® Lite system, check the brochure to ensure you have a suitable roof, that it can bear the weight of the system and that it won't affect any warranty of your existing roof.

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