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Featured Video - Hager - 2nd May 2013

Hager Launches Add-on RCD Block for Three-phase Earth
Leakage Protection

Add-On Block Installation Video

Hager has launched an easy-to-install One Module Add-on RCD Block, providing three-phase earth leakage protection when paired with any of the company’s MCBs, up to 63A.

Available in variants of 30mA, 100mA and 300mA, the Add-on Block is suitable for use in any Hager distribution board and, when combined with an MCB, provides both over current and earth leakage protection for that circuit.

Unlike many other devices, the Add-on Block and MCB pairing requires just four module widths and removes the need to wire between a DIN mounted RCD and MCB. This leads to a significant reduction in installation time and associated costs and, importantly, the size of the distribution board.

Commenting on the launch, market manager Stephen Dyson said: “Wiring between DIN mounted RCCBs and MCBs can be time consuming and expensive. We have designed the Add-on Block to be simple and practical to use, whilst still providing three-phase earth leakage protection.”

“In addition, unlike many brands that require specific part numbers for current rating and sensitivities, the Add-on Block suits any combination of Hager 10kA MCB (B, C, or D curve) up to 63A.”

As an added safeguard, the ‘Type A’ Add-on Block provides added protection against any ‘pulsating DC component’ generating from loads such as power tools or motor speed controllers.

For further information about Hager’s range of circuit breakers, please email below.

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