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Featured Video - Cembrit - 19th September 2013

Cembrit - Rainscreen Cladding – A Decorative, Lightweight & Energy Efficient Solution

Installation Animation - rivets on aluminium - URBANNATURE

Cembrit rainscreen claddings are available in a range of colours. Fixing techniques are fast, tried and tested. Cembrit claddings are fully accredited and guaranteed. Stockists of Cembrit claddings can supply cut to size sheets optimising material use for every façade.

The current trend away from heavy brick & block, stone or masonry construction has stimulated demand for cladding panels. This demand is underpinned by greater awareness of the energy efficiency benefits of rainscreen cladding, as the requirements for retro fitting of insulation and urban revitalisation has lead to over-cladding of existing buildings as well as eye-catching new build projects.

The advantages of Cembrit
The fibre cement matrix comprising reinforcing fibres, cellulose and cement provides concrete like strength but at a much lower weight. It is consequently easier to transport and work on site.

Fibre-cement is faster to install and less energy intensive in production, saving cost.

The material has excellent fire resistant qualities, of vital importance for structures for human occupation. Fibre cement is not susceptible to mould or rot damage thereby exceeding the longevity of timber, it contains no metals so will not rust and decay like steel and has low thermal conductivity so will not distort in the presence of heat like PVC. Fibre cement is however porous thereby making it ideal for use in high humidity climates.

Cembrit has over 80 years of experience of the use of fibre cement across the varied climates of Europe and beyond. Talk to Cembrit about what fibre cement can do for your project and join the long line of satisfied users of this exceptional building material!

Additional Information Relating to Cembrit

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