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Article Date: 5th December 2013

PMA - Follow the Yellow Print Road

Cable Protection - Cable Conduit - Cable Management - Conduit Systems

PMA Conduit

At PMA, the continuous improvement of our products includes the advancement of the manufacturing processes we use, as well as engineering new ways that our cable protection systems can save time and money for our customers.

One of our focal points is simplifying the process of maintenance and the installation of new wiring by making our conduits easily identifiable. This spares engineers the inconvenience of familiarising themselves with each cable protection system in order to identify which wires are in need of repair or replacement.

The latest PMA advancement in conduit printing comes in a new yellow ink which has been developed for easy identification. With this ink, we have achieved an improved marking durability together with an advanced printing process stability.

As simple as it sounds, choosing a colour for conduit printing is not simply a case of selecting the most visible shade, although this has to be taken into consideration when printing on black and grey. The ink we use must also demonstrate excellent adhesive qualities, passing certain chafing tests so that the markings continue to ‘stick’ to the conduit, even those exposed to repetitive motion, torsion and the elements.

Initially, PMA began printing with white ink, changing to green after the initial trial period to find the right colour which fulfils the requirements of adhesion. All colour batches have a different chemical structure and therefore also a different viscosity, fluidity and behaviour during application. Printing modules also have to be adjusted to each individual colour, so the process of selection has been a lengthy one.

The benefits of PMA’s new ink include:
  • Good visibility on black and grey conduits
  • Much improved durability of marking on conduits
  • Reduced interruptions of printing on the conduits

Our new process requires the conduits to be printed in warm conditions immediately following production in order to achieve a sufficient adhesion of the colour, and markings that last.

The newly used yellow ink is ecologically harmless and complies with our efforts to remain environmentally responsible, so that our customers might also benefit from PMA’s green credentials. What’s more, the new printing method can be used on all types and sizes of conduit in the PMA range.

For more information, contact Donna Clash at PMA’s UK head office by email below:

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