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Article Date: 18th December 2013

Munters Ensures Crystal Clear Display of Frozen Gourmet Food Product

De Humidifiers - Dehumidification Systems - Condensation Control - Air Treatment

Munters Cold Store

Munters IceDry solution, winner of the European FoodTech Award, is used to avoid ice and condensation forming in the cold store, save significant energy on the refrigeration system and ensures pristine product viewing in display cases.

The dehumidifier was placed in the shop area, 3.5 m above floor level and adjacent to the automatic door to the cold store. A duct was led into the coldstore and the dry air is exhausted through duct openings placed vertically alongside the automatic door.

The employees working in the -15°C cold store enjoy safe working conditions with dry floors free of ice, no formations of fog or ice build-ups on doors, products and ceiling.

Important Benefits:

Battermann GmbH highly appreciates the advantages of the Munters IceDry cold store solution ensuring they:

  • Avoid dangerous ice formations on the floor in the cold store just as the doors and ceilings are free of ice build-up.

  • The packing is keeping its shape and stability, and labels maintain their readability.
  • Most important though, is the clear, hygienic and appealing way, the products are displayed to the customers shopping their gourmet products.

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