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Article Date: 11th December 2013

Munters Utilise LPG to Create the Ideal Climate for Stemcor Steel Store

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Munters Dehumidifer

Stemcor is the world’s largest independent steel trader. Their new steel service store in the heart of the deep-sea port of Uusikaupunki, Finland specialises in flat steel products. Their steel service centre has the largest hot-rolled coils steel sheeting line.

The relative humidity (RH) of the store is managed throughout the year by Munters MX2700. An additional challenge was the immediate proximity of the sea and its corrosive salt-laden air. The storage building is kept constantly below 50% RH to prevent corrosion of steel or oxidation of metals. Research has demonstrated that above 50% RH the rate of oxidation of metals is greatly accelerated from 100-2000 times greater than oxidation rates at lower humidity levels.

The effective solution chosen by Stemcor is Munters MX2700 desiccant dehumidifier, supplying dry air into the store based on a four hourly air change within the store and providing a drying capacity of 21kg / hr. The desiccant dehumidified store ensures the relative humidity is controlled constantly throughout the year, irrespective of fluctuating outdoor conditions.

Using dehumidification to store metal materials keeps the product quality high with less waste. When storing metal products like galvanized steel, cold surfaces can "sweat" causing metal parts to corrode.

The thin layer of water vapour molecules that settle on the metal surfaces supply an electrolyte to the corrosion process. With the RH in the store kept below 50%, corrosion is almost impossible, whereas the corrosion rate explodes at levels above 60% RH.

How it works...

The basic idea of the Munters desiccant drying wheel is simple. Air from the store is drawn though the MX2700 desiccant drying rotor and the moist air is absorbed by the hygroscopic desiccant. The air leaves the rotor as dry air and is distributed at high level into the store to dissipate throughout the store.

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