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Article Date: 16th December 2013

Havells adds Renewable Technology to its Unique Tri-Load Distribution Board

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Havells Meter

Havells Switchgear has updated its Tri-Load product family of distribution boards to address the increasing integration of micro generation e.g. PV and wind, within building designs. The new ‘Tri-Load Renewable’ range, provides a convenient connection point for these generated sources. Tri-Load Renewable monitors power and lighting loads, but also provides measurement of the export energy from renewable sources within a single distribution board.

Tri-Load Renewable offers clear visibility of how much energy your building is producing, while aiding compliance with the requirements of Part L2 of the Building Regulations, which seeks to provide meaningful energy data to landlords and tenants alike.

The unique three load approach of Tri-Load and Tri-Load Renewable means energy consumption and data could be easily split into three categories. For many installations this means a reduced amount of physical meters, not to mention a far clearer view of the make-up of how each building uses its energy.

“Our Tri-Load board addresses the main limitation of existing power and lighting distribution boards which are becoming more popular” explains Mike Lawrence, Marketing Manager at Havells. “Energy managers are increasingly looking to renewables such as PV or wind to reduce their buildings energy footprint. The energy created from a renewable source is often fed in through a feed-in tariff meter where accessing the data is complicated as its main beneficiary is the energy company. Our new Tri-load Renewable range provides a convenient connection point for these generated sources. The board monitors power and lighting loads, but also provides measurement of the export energy from renewables by adapting the mechanical services section to capture export energy data.”

Available in two sizes – 12 or 18 TP ways to allow loads to be split into logical groups - Tri-Load can also be configured as a Dual Load board to monitor power and lighting only. In this mode, the ‘split’ between the numbers of circuits available is variable and can be adapted to suit the composition required for each particular installation.

Display and communication of energy data is clear and simple with Tri-Load thanks to the pre-installed and fully wired metering installed as standard. The IP30 conforming LCD display is fully backlit and presents the key values by load type and total load, while navigation through further parameters is ultra-simple via interface buttons. Modbus RS485 comms is included as standard and facilitates ease of integration with the majority of energy management systems.

In addition to this there are also features designed with the installer in mind which contribute to improved electrical safety. Current Transformers (CTs) are integrated within a single-piece busbar design to reduce the number electrical connections which are commonly required by other manufacturer’s solutions. This reduces potential hot spot failures. Furthermore, all meters and CTs are fully pre-wired and a trunking interface kit is supplied as standard to further speed up and simplify installation.

The TriLoad board has been designed to minimise the amount of on-site work for the contractor, whilst at the same time, providing the end-user with improved data collection and reporting functionality.

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