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Article Date: 10th December 2013

Daikin Europe’s VRV IV Heat Pump Wins Plus X Award 2013

Heat Pumps - Renewable Heating - HVAC Equipment - Climate Control

Daikin Heat Pump

Daikin Europe’s VRV IV heat pump has won the prestigious 2013 Plus X Award in recognition of its innovative technology, market leading efficiencies, functionality and environmental credentials.

The Plus X Award is awarded to innovative products in the fields of technology, sports and lifestyle from around the world. Judging takes several weeks with a panel of experts, independent trade journalists and leading figures from 25 industry sectors selecting the most innovative and best performing products.

The VRV IV air-to-air heat pump is designed for commercial applications. It takes thermal energy from the outside air to provide room heating and cooling, ventilation and hot water production from one integrated unit. This latest generation of VRV features a number of innovations, including Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology for higher seasonal efficiency and continuous heating during defrost to improve comfort.

Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology is capable of delivering a 28% increase in seasonal efficiency, because the system continually adjusts the refrigerant temperature according to the total required capacity and weather conditions.

The system’s automatic mode is configured for high efficiency levels throughout the year, while allowing rapid response on the hottest days, thereby ensuring comfort at all times.

In mid-season, when little cooling is needed, the room temperature will already be close to the setpoint, so a small difference between room and refrigerant temperature is sufficient for the system to operate effectively. In automatic mode, the system will change the refrigerant temperature from 6°C (the current operating standard) to a higher temperature, resulting in reduced energy consumption and significantly improving the seasonal efficiency.

The VRV IV heat pump consumes up to 28% less primary energy than the previous model and therefore also produces 28% less CO2. This performance not only meets but actually surpasses the EU’s overall 20/20/20 climate targets that demand 20% less CO2 emissions, 20% more renewable energy use and 20% less primary energy use by the year 2020.

Continuous heating during defrost of the outdoor units is another revolutionary innovation that sets a new standard in comfort, making VRV IV the best heat pump alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. Defrosting is needed most often when outdoor temperatures are between -7°C and +7°C and systems without this feature can take up to 10 minutes, defrosting every hour depending on the system’s size.

Previously, defrosting reversed the refrigeration cycle, causing a temporary temperature drop within the room. VRV IV features a unique heat-accumulating element which provides dedicated energy for the defrost function, while indoor units continue to provide heating and maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

The new VRV configurator completes the trio of innovations, offering an advanced software solution which simplifies commissioning and servicing. The software allows the remote configuration of settings that can be used at multiple sites, so less time is required on site configuring the outdoor unit. Ongoing maintenance is easier too, thanks to a graphical interface that allows engineers to evaluate operational data and errors. The VRV configurator also allows multiple systems within multiple sites to be managed all in exactly the same way, thus offering simplified commissioning for key accounts.

Daikin products are distributed in the UK by Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Europe NV, and Space Airconditioning plc, the largest independent Daikin distributor.

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