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Article Date: 18th December 2013

Airedale International on ‘Double Whammy’ Shortlist for ACR News Awards 2014

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Airedale Awards

Leading British manufacturer of chillers, IT cooling and precision air conditioning systems, Airedale International Air Conditioning, has been shortlisted for the ACR News Awards 2014 in two separate categories.

The UK’s number one large chiller manufacturer with more than 30 years’ experience in free-cooling technologies, Airedale has been nominated for its Turbochill™ and Turbochill™ FreeCool chiller range (200-1600kW) in the ‘Air Conditioning Product of the Year’ class. The Turbocor compressor-based, free-cooling chiller delivers industry-leading energy efficiency per footprint, with impressive part-load efficiencies during low load conditions or in low seasonal ambient temperatures.

Alternative methods of free cooling such as the thermosiphon-based system have significant disadvantages in that free and DX cooling cannot operate concurrently; they also require lower ambient conditions in order to support the limited amount of free cooling that is available. Moreover, the availability of freecooling tends to be insufficient for most applications and the units therefore run predominately in DX mode. In contrast, Airedale free cooling systems offer as much as 45% more cooling at a given temperature than thermosiphon-based systems in addition to supporting freecooling for much longer periods throughout the year.

The cutting-edge technology applied to the TurboChill™, encompassing microchannel heat exchangers, innovative ‘V’ frame coil design and EC fans, driven by smart control algorithms, allow the TurboChill™ to achieve an ESEER¹ of up to 6.16, up to 50% higher than a traditional screw chiller.

The Leeds-based manufacturer is also shortlisted for ‘Marketing Initiative of the Year 2014’ for its rebrand and website redevelopment undertaken in 2013 which have served both to raise Airedale’s profile externally and inspire those working within the business. Following relaunch of its website, Airedale has been able to demonstrate significant uptake in both new and repeat visitor numbers and enquiries generated in addition to ensuring that www.airedale.com maintains its position at the top of the search engine rankings.

UK Sales Director, Paul Oliver, who collected an ACR News Award on behalf of Airedale in 2011, said: “It is a terrific achievement to be shortlisted for a further industry award. The nominations recognise the significant investment we make in new product development, quality management and marketing and, most importantly, send a very clear message to the market that Airedale products are the best in their class, providing reassurance in the decision to purchase from us. We look forward to joining our customers and peers on the night of the awards.”

¹ European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

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