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Article Date: 23rd August 2013

PMA UK - TNB + PMA = A Perfect Fit for Aggressive Chemicals!

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PMA Cable Fittings

When it comes to aggressive chemicals and nylon, the two just don’t mix.

PMA products are well known for their ability to perform well in a number of challenging situations: from desert temperatures and icy conditions to hazardous, even flammable, environments. Our conduits are even suited to applications exposed to aggressive chemicals - but until recently, appropriate fittings for these environments still remained a problem.

‘If you can make the conduit, why not the fittings?’, you might ask. Our PMA technicians worked to develop fittings from special materials, but since the material contraction characteristics during cooling are different to our standard fitting material for which the moulds were designed, the trials haven’t been successful.

However, determined as ever to find the perfect fit(ting) for this problem, we expanded our search. PMA has a reputation for its technical excellence and provides technical support to specifiers and designers on its products. The continuous introduction of new products into our range almost always ensures that a solution can be offered for the most demanding application - and this challenge was no exception.

Now, where aggressive chemicals are concerned, we can offer a complete solution, with a fellow T&B brand manufacturing an IP68 metal fitting that is fully compatible with all PMA conduit types. This fitting includes silicon seals which provide resistance for high temperatures and chemical resistance, available with metric threads for conduit sizes 12mm to 32mm.

What’s more, when teamed together with our PSX conduit this can be used in applications ranging from -100 to +170°C – offering versatility and flexibility in the most challenging of environments.

For more information (data sheet) on the chemical resistance of PMA cable protection please use the email option below:

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