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Article Date: 16th August 2013

Panasonic Launches Eco G High Power Unit

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Panasonic ECOg

Panasonic’s new ECO G High Power is a 2-pipe gas-driven VRF system with an electrical power generator, offering industry-leading energy saving – consuming only 1% of the electricity required by standard GHP and VRF systems!

Panasonic’s ECO G High Power is a revolution in air conditioning design. Fitted with a permanent magnet, non-bearing type generator, it is the first VRF system that can supply heating, cooling, hot water and now also generate electricity (for its internal consumption).

Each ECO G High Power unit has a 2.0 Kw generator, drastically reducing the outdoor unit’s electricity consumption. ECO G gas VRF is specially designed for buildings where the electricity is restricted or CO2 emissions must be reduced - ideally suited to complexes, high-rise buildings, commercial buildings and hotels.

Marc Diaz, Panasonic’s UK Country Manager explains: “With its advanced heat exchanger design, our new GHP system offers improved efficiency and reduced running costs, this, coupled with improved engine management systems, have greatly improved the system COP rating.”

Technical zoom
With free hot water supplied when ambient temperatures reach above 7°C, Panasonic’s ECO G High Power can provide greater all-round savings when heating and cooling. What’s more, its new capability allowing it to generate electricity at the same time as providing air conditioning, positions it as a multi-functional, innovative and technically up-to-date product for 2013. Panasonic’s ECO G can generate 2.0kw of electricity with efficiency that is greater than 40%. Thanks to its GHP with electrical generator, it uses a mere 1% of the average electricity required from standard GHP and VRF systems.

High-efficiency operation
All models are equipped with a high-performance air exchanger and a newly developed refrigerant heat exchanger for high-efficiency operation, making them one of the most energy-efficient solutions on the market.

Excellent economy
Panasonic’s GHP superbly balances heating and cooling, by efficiently reusing recovered heat from the engine cooling water back into the VRF circuit. The use of engine waste heat ensures that our gas heat pump air conditioner requires no defrost cycle, therefore providing continuous 100% heating performance in severe weather conditions with an outside air temperature as low as -20°C. During cooling and heating mode (when the outside air temp is above 7°C) the rejected heat from the engine is available for use with in a DHW system, which is able to supply up to 30 kW of hot water at 75°C.

Water chiller option
Our GHP system is also available with a water chiller option. The GHP outdoor unit can be combined with a Water Heat Exchanger (WHE) indoor unit, or with a WHE together with a direct expansion indoor unit (mixed system). The system can be operated via a BMS system, or a Panasonic supplied control panel, with chilled water set points from -15°C and heating set points from 35°C up to 55°C.

No defrost requirements
When the unit is exposed to low ambient temperatures in heating mode, the outdoor fans switch off to subsequently save further running costs.

For more information on Panasonic’s new ECO G unit and the available interface options, please use email option below:

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