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Article Date: 28th August 2013

Munters Drying Room Concept Cuts Energy Bill

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Munters Child

Schools, daycare nurseries and kindergardens all benefit from Munters' clothes drying solution. Replacing impractical and energy consuming electrical drying cabinets with a drying room is making life easier, more convenient and practical for both children and staff.

Munters mimics nature

The Munters dry room concept mimics a dry and breezy summers day, where laundry outdoors dries in a very short time.

Circulating fans mounted in the ceiling provide a large air velocity over the clothes. This releases water from the clothes enabling a Munters desiccant dehumidifier to efficiently remove the water and secure fast clothes drying.

A Munters drying room does not require any heating at all as the desiccant dehumidification systems work efficiently even at low temperatures. A Munters drying room of 10 m² (dehumidifier + fans) consumes only 1-2 kW, replacing 8 drying cabinets with a total connected load of between 5-12 kW.

The kindergarden Phistergården in Denmark cares for 40 children aged 3-6 years.

Drying of children's outerwear was carried out in a 20m² large room in the basement, where two drying cabinets were installed. The two drying cabinets did not provide sufficient drying capacity for 40 overalls and footwear, and energy consumption was very high. A chaotic situation reigned when the cabinets had to be filled. The staff had to use resources to weed out clothes that cannot withstand the high temperature in the drying cabinets (eg outerwear with membranes and GoreTex).

Days with uncomfortable damp clothes are over

They were often not able to dry the clothes from one day to the other, and the complete drying process was time consuming, wasting time and human resources that could be better used for child focused activities.

A Munters MH270 desiccant dehumidifier and 2 Munters circulation fans were installed. After a wet day outdoors, the children placed their wet clothes on fixed racks.

The power consumption of the dehumidifiers and fans is 2 kW, ie. not much more than the consumption in a single electrical drying cabinet. Munters desiccant dehumidifier operation time - as opposed to a drying cabinet - is 100% demand driven, so the kindergarten foresees a hefty saving on drying of clothes.

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